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Tim Jordan Kirtan: Heart & Spirit














Heart & Spirit” is a contemporary Kirtan experience that blends classic rock and world music, with an added bit of trance and a touch of gospel.


Heart & Spirit" is a collection of traditional and original chants infused with a fresh, inviting resonance; all while remaining true to the sacred and devotional practice that is Kirtan at its core.

The album was recorded with the intention of creating an offering that is as close as possible to a live Kirtan event. “I wanted the mantras and melodies to be clear enough for listeners to know what to sing and when to sing, and to feel like they’ve experienced a Kirtan energetically, spiritually, and musically,” says Kirtan leader Tim Jordan.

Ancient Sanskrit mantras are reinterpreted with a modern, accessible sound on “Heart & Spirit.” A calming invocation of “Om Hari Om” leads into the extended, invigorating “Ganapati” chant. “Shri Krishna/Om Namah Shivaya” has a laid-back groove, and the lyrical “Maheshwari Ma” precedes the album’s dynamic, 20-minute “Shiva” centerpiece. “Govinda” conveys devotion with its rich harmonies, and is followed by the understated “Shri Ram.” The musical journey concludes with the haunting, mysterious “Asatoma” and a quiet “Om Hari Om” prayer.

“Heart & Spirit” covers chants by Michael H. Cohen, Sean Johnson, and Sevika Radecki, as well as original works from Jordan and producer David Vito Gregoli. Guest artists for this debut recording include flautist Steve Gorn, didjeridu player Stephen Kent, bassist Michael Manring, percussionist Jamie Papish, and country trio CALICO the band.

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“Wow! The tracks are amazing. Such devotion!” – Michael H. Cohen, Dattatreya Kirtan Institute

“The production, musicians, voices, mix … everything is fantastic. Easily one of my favorites in Kirtan!”
– Ricky Kej, Raveolution Studios


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Tim Jordan Kirtan: Om Namo Bhagavate (single)










Tim Jordan Kirtan offers this warm, devotional track layered with rich vocal harmonies over a sweet and soulful melody.

Special thanks to Sally Kempton for her teachings on the Divine Masculine. Her transmission on the essence of Bhagavan was the initial inspiration for this chant. The essence of ‘Bhaga' is Glory. Bhagavan is the one who possess the 6 qualities of Divine Glory: Wisdom, Shakti (power), Fame, Abundance, Beauty, and Detachment (Freedom).

May we realize our Divine Essence, Bhagavan. May we see and honor the light that dwells within (Vasudeva). May we be of service to the Good, the True and the Beautiful.


All music composed by Timothy Jordan

Produced by Tim Jordan, AJ Nowak, and Darby Orr. Engineered by Darby Orr at Surface and Dream Studios in North Hollywood, CA. Mastered by Stevin McNamara in Ashland, OR.

Tim Jordan – lead vocals, harmonium
Christo Pellani – drums and percussion
Brian Kukan – bass
Darby Orr – keyboards and additional instrumentation
AJ Nowak, Cathy Cavadini, Arielle Silver – response vocals

© 2017 Timothy Jordan. All Rights Reserved.

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