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​I’ve been on a spiritual journey for as long as I can remember.   Everything from fundamentalist Christianity to Buddhism to Evolutionary Spirituality to Yoga/Kirtan. It’s all been so instrumental and vitally important in making who I am today. I am most grateful for all of it.

My journey with Kirtan began during Yoga Teacher Training in South India in 2009.  There was something about chanting the names of the Divine on a daily basis that stirred something deep inside me. Having grown up in a strongly religious environment in the South, I was very familiar with devotional practices.  However, nothing had ever touched me the way that Kirtan did. I witnessed its power to open the heart and to transcend both culture and religion.  In India I sat with Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, and people with no religious affiliation, all singing these sacred Sanskrit mantras with such joy and devotion.

In 2011 I began studying at Mike Cohen’s Kirtan Leader Institute.  Under Mike’s guidance and support I have been leading Kirtan both locally and back in my home state of Mississippi.  Leading Kirtan in Mississippi was actually where I was at last able to appreciate the integration of my lifelong spiritual practice.  I finally understood that I had never left my devotion. It had simply changed forms.

My sacred intention for kirtan is that it will calm our minds, open our hearts, and propel us into a life of karma yoga (selfless service).

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